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The Multizone/multiroom Audio System provides distribution and control of music in different parts of the home, restaurant, office, or retail area. It can supply audio signals from single or multi-audio sources to stereo speaker zones using Audio Multizone Controller and Amplifier, a single zone controller/amplifier, or streaming controllers/amplifiers. Depending on the number of audio zones, audio sources, type of main and zone controllers, and additional functions and accessories, it can be divided into several categories.

The Basic System is usually the best solution when four or fewer zones are required, and all zones are connected to the same audio source at the time. The basic system contains a multi-source, 2-channel (stereo) amplifier and 1-4 volume controls connected directly to its stereo outputs. 1-4 pairs of in-wall or in-ceiling speakers or dual-voice (stereo) single speakers are connected directly with the outputs of volume controllers through in-wall high-quality speaker wires. The audio volume of each zone is individually controlled by a mechanical volume controller. The audio source, tone, and total volume level can be selected by using the amplifier’s IR controller. The audio zones can be placed indoors and outdoors. The basic system can be installed in the new constriction project or retro-feed into the existing place.

The Advanced Systems contain a multi-zone controller/amplifier, which can distribute and control separate audio signals to 1, 3, 4, 6, and 8 or any combination of the single controllers. The audio source selection, tone, and volume can be done from zone wall keypads or a user control application. 

The latest multiroom audio solutions include WiFi stereo streaming amplifiers and voice-controlled stereo Amplified Keypads, which are keypads or user apps controlled and have built-in various types of streaming services and voice play apps.  


Whenever you build a new house or renovate an existing one, we design and build your perfect media room/home theater. 

From selecting a prime audio system, including subs, in-ceiling and wall speakers, TV or projector, high-definition projection screen, home theater seats, lights, and automation, we control every aspect of your dream project.


Outdoor audio equipment provides high-quality sound for patios, pools, porches, and decks. Rock speakers and subwoofers, all-weather speakers, and in-ground subwoofers can be installed to extend a background music experience

The outdoor speakers perfectly harmonized with an existing landscape and outdoor spaces. 

Please call or email for more information on the list of products and installation prices.

We serve clients across Nepean, Kanata, Orléans, Gloucester, Ottawa, Carleton Place, Kemptville, Ontario, and Gatineau, Quebec.

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