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Allow us to elevate your home or business to its full potential.

All elements of your smart home must work together as one fully integrated system. 

Our line of equipment includes high-quality, professionally developed components from reliable brands. 

As the major part of our solution, we install the most advanced products available for professional home system integrators.

what we do

our services include, but are not limited to:

Security and Control

Protect your home with security that goes the extra step to keep you aware and in control.


Your entire home or business at your fingertips. Set up and control your home or business based on your needs and lifestyle.

Home Theatre

World class audio/visual systems complete with stylish and functional seating solutions to reinvent movie night.

Video & Intercom

Enhance your home or business security with indoor/outdoor video monitoring and intercom.

Distributed Audio

Hear films and music the way they were intended to be with top-of-the-line audio systems.


Reliable, fast, and secure wired and wireless home and business networks.

Structured, Video and Audio Wiring

The design and installation of cabling systems to support network, video, and audio systems.

Security & Control From Anywhere

Rest easy and be in control of the safety of your home or business from anywhere in the world.

redefining home automation

design + integration + support


Every project starts by designing a system diagram based on individual needs, profiles, and clients' tastes. All system components are chosen to provide practical integration and simplicity, while minimizing the number of necessary controllers and maximizing the ergonomics and functionality of the smart home system.

Thanks to wireless technology, we can also integrate most smart home components into an existing home without going through major renovations or home rebuilding.

Whether you're looking to create structured wiring in an entire home or add IP video cameras to monitor your property or just an individual room, replace an existing doorbell with a video intercom and open a door remotely, protect your basement against accidental water overflow, implement a wireless home security system for remote monitoring on your smartphone, archive and stream media files to any TV in your home, turn the pool pump or heating or cooling system on and off from any place, or control all lights at home through a single controller, and be able to set the mood for any occasions to impress your guests... we can do this all.

installation and testing

We install and test every single component of the entire smart home system. From data, voice, video, or audio cables, through outlets, cameras, monitors, speakers, video projectors, multi-function sensors, modems, routers, media servers, or system controllers to ensure full integrity and functionality of all equipment.


Finally, we ensure that all active system components are set up, and programmed and that they operate correctly, according to user needs. We will provide full technical assistance and support to all products we install at your home to let you enjoy your investment hassle-free.

We serve clients across the Ottawa area: Nepean, Kanata, Orléans, Gloucester, Ottawa, Ottawa South, Carleton Place, Kemptville and Gatineau, Quebec.

Contact us, to learn more.

behind the scenes

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